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Programs for Corporate Executives and Managers

Executive Coaching

The Coaches at Professional Development USA bring you years of experience coaching and training Fortune 100 executives. If you have 100 or more people on your team, then we have an Executive program designed for you (If you have less than 100 people on your team, then Business Coaching might be best for you.).

Here is a high-level overview of our Executive Development programs. However, the best way to understand what we have to offer is to Meet with a Coach and have a discussion about your specific needs.  


EDP:  10 Months of customized Executive Development for your executives and managers.

Select from over 50 different topics and create your own, customized Executive Development Program. Each
EDP is 10 months long and will contain 5 to 10 modules on topics like those listed below.

EDP programs can be customized to meet the unique needs of Senior Executives, Executives, Senior Managers, or Managers. Depending on the size of your organization, each program can involve 5 to 50 leaders from your team.


EMC:  One-On-One Executive Mentoring and Coaching

EMC program is the most powerful program we offer. Your executives will work one-on-one with a Coach who has been specially trained to help Executives grow and provide maximum contribution to their companies. Your Executive Coach will become...

  • A Trusted Advisor

  • Accountability Partner

  • Personal Development Leader

  • Knowledgeable Business Trainer

  • A Trusted Sounding Board

  • and much, much more

With dozens of modules and topics to select from, each program is specifically tuned to the needs of your leadership team.  

EDP, we work directly with your Human Resources Manager, or another leader that you designate. We survey your leadership team and select the modules that best fit your company's unique needs. Modules include targeted assessments, workshops and webinars, individual reading and working assignments, and team activities to maximize learning for everyone involved.

This unique program has been developed to bring Fortune 100 training to the Heart of America: The Medium-Sized Business or Corporation. It can be customized to meet the needs of high-level executives, senior managers, or new managers.

In developing these custom programs, we leverage material from leading business books, Harvard Business Review articles, MIT Sloan papers, The John C. Maxwell Team, Lifestyle Architecture, and many other well-known and proven sources.

EMC, we work directly with the Leader we are mentoring.  Depending on the situation, we may utilize 360 degree leadership assessments, conflict resolution assessments, learning assessments, annual and quarterly planning tools, and other material mentioned above.

Some of the topics that our Coaches and Trainers cover in these executive development programs include:


  • Personal Effectiveness and Success

  • Habits that Hold Leaders Back

  • Growing as a Leader

  • Developing Yourself

  • Time: Managers and Supervisors

  • Time: Executives

  • Managing Contacts

  • Connecting with Others

  • The Roles of Leadership

  • The 5 Levels of Leadership

  • Managing & Leveraging Conflict

  • Leading People Through Change

  • Teams and Teamwork

  • The Value of Team

  • Cross Functional Collaboration


  • Maximizing Team Effectiveness

  • Finance for All Managers

  • Marketing & Sales for All Managers

  • Planning

  • Changing the Game

  • Strategic Planning

  • Designing and Implementing KPIs

  • Organizational Development for All

  • Tactical Planning and Execution

  • Project Management for All

  • Developing the Leaders Around You

  • Mentoring Upcoming Leaders

  • Developing Others

  • Creating Position Agreements


  • Evaluations and Employee Feedback

  • Interviewing Methods and Skills

  • Fundamentals of Communications

  • Corporate Culture and Vision

  • Communicating with Executives

  • Communicating w/Community & Press

  • Communicating with Customers

  • Communicating with Employees

  • Communicating with Competitors/Allies

  • Competition and Coop-itition

  • True Customer Focus

  • Analyzing Customers and Markets


  • Turning Customers Into Raving Fans

  • Creating Your Competitive Edge

  • The Innovation Advantage

  • Developing Strategic Alliances

  • Social Media Pros and Cons

  • Engaging Market Communications

  • Supporting the Sales Process

  • Company Specific Topics (Custom)

  • Managing Unique Change

  • Mergers and Acquisition

  • Vision and Culture

  • Managing Risk

  • Becoming More Competitive

The best way to understand EDP and EMC is to talk with one of our Executive Coaches who can walk you through the program.  Click Here to schedule a meeting with an Executive Coach.

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